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It’s Not My Fault?

I knew it wasn’t going to last. Little man came straight home. He did his homework and finished in record time. His friend T came over and they were battling their Bey Blades. They are the 2012 version of tops. T confirmed that the teacher did pushed G-son. His mom is going to the school today. T also asked if I would send him a note/poem some time. (see note below) G-son took his shower and as a treat for being well behaved, I rented Brave, Cute movie. The movie ended about 9:30 he went to bed late.

When school first started I was getting him up at 6:15 a.m. then I started waking him up later 6:30 a.m. Yesterday he was ready by 7 a.m. Teeth brushed and face washed. I told him if he got ready like that every morning I would wake him up at 7 a.m. He leaves at 7:40 a.m.

Sigh* This morning I woke him up at 6:50 a.m. He came downstairs at 7:26 a.m. He couldn’t find a foot of his sneaker. He didn’t brush his teeth or wash his face. He had a tantrum because the bus was stopped at the red light. He procrastinated about getting the newspaper for me. Complaining he was going to miss the bus.  If he got the paper hand it to me he would have caught the bus. What is today’s topic? Amazing, we, grandmother’s really are psychic.

Maybe I rewarded one night and day of good behavior too quickly. It’s another day and what is brings is a mystery. Tomorrow is Friday and his dad is supposed to pick him up. I’m looking forward to his weekend with his dad. I’m sure he will have fun and I will get some well needed rest.



FRIENDS/Super Gramma

Super Gramma!!

Yes I’m patting myself on the back! G-son came home in a foul mood. He didn’t want to do his homework and complained that a teacher hit him.

I put my foot down and no homework no nothing. No TV, computer, toys nothing. Oh, he could read or study his multiplication table. I called his dad and they made arrangements for the weekend. I’m praying and I’m asking for your prayers as well, that his father doesn’t disappoint him.

Last night the 82 year old woman known as granny. Who sleeps down the hall from my little man, went on an AARP trip. She slept away from home. Little man is scared to sleep upstairs by himself. So we had a sleep over. I was in the bed next to him.

This is not important to this story but I just had to share this. I soaked in the tub. It has been almost five years. The hot water was heavenly on my feet, knees and back. Okay back to the story.

I lay in bed reading blog emails until I drifted off. G-son fell asleep while I was soaking. I woke up late this morning. I went downstairs brushed my teeth then made a PB N J sandwich for little man’s lunch. I made a turkey bacon, egg and cheese for his breakfast to go. He likes to eat it in school. While doing this I wrote FRIENDS.
G-son was out the door on time. Thank you very much. I got dressed and walked the seven blocks to the school to address the teacher hitting issue and a few other things that will go unmentioned. I forgot to give little man his juice for his lunch so he had to come to the office and saw that I came to address the issues he had.

So now I’m blogging about it now. Did I mention it’s cold and wet out? The precipitation was switching from rain and hail while I was walking.

Thanksgiving Weekend 2012



November 20, 2012



We Live for the Weekend

Lets get this clear little man lives for the weekend. Gramma lives for Monday.
Have a great weekend all.

Sticks and Stones

So why don’t baboons have hair on their butts? I gave G-son an answer but I would like to see what all of you think.

The Hiatus is Over

Has it really been almost three weeks since I last posted in Peanut Butter N Jelly. Sandy hit us hard here in NY Read my diary here and my poem here

Our lights went out the first night. G-son’s school was being used as a shelter. So school was closed the whole week. I suggested he read a book and it would help the time go by. But sitting and reading was of no interest to little man. I even offered to read to him. No, that wasn’t what he wanted. We ended up playing cards, talking and listening to the radio. He almost knows how to play Heart and Soul on the piano. My roommate CB took our phones, including my kindle to charge. I had to help G-son understand if he sits up and play on the Kindle all night he won’t have any battery life in the morning.

Friday arrives, we boil water and wash the important parts and get dress. To the library we go. The buses are free, yay! We spend a few hours in the there. I wrote about it in the diary above link.
The weather forecast was predicting the weather to drop by the weekend. So we packed up and went to my daughter’s house. Just as soon as we got settled I got a call from CB saying the lights were back on. I travel on a disability bus service and it was too late to make arrangements for Sunday. Monday early, so I thought. There was no paper delivery, no TV all week. All the radio was talking about was the devastation in the different Tri-State areas. I didn’t know it was daylight savings time. I lost my extra hour this year.

We get home Monday, washed clothes, showered and got comfortable. School was still closed since g-son and many other schools were being used as shelter. No school Tuesday election day.

G-son’s father picked him up and took him to school on Wednesday, can you hear me breathe a sigh of relief. I love that boy, I really do. But he really can work the nerves. Thursday was snowing and g-son doesn’t have boots. Sigh, another day home. Friday all the snow melted and he returns to school. I was in such a rush to send him off. I forgot to give him his lunch. It was okay he can have the school lunch.

I gave him the note scheduled for Friday. I basically told him to have a good day. Get back in the groove and that I love him. He said someone took his note yesterday. Sigh* it’s always something.
Today is open school night. So it’s a half day of school. I convinced little man’s father that he should attend with me. He agreed. G-son is not happy about that. But I hope it will help him get back on the right track.

Tomorrow the notes will resume.

The Weekend’s Here

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post here. I was out all day. Then last night I took little man to check out a dance class. He is crazy about the movie, “Stomp the Yard”. He wants to stomp with all the spinning and flipping. I found a school that offer’s step classes. We walked to the studio which was several blocks. When we get there, little man sees nothing but girls. Lots and lots of girls. Not one man or boy in the whole place. He audit the stepping class but being the only boy intimidated him. He’s still thinking about it.