Everything’s Going to be Okay

by silentlyheardonce

Hello to all who follow me here.

Today I walked to G-son’s school, he took the bus. When I got to the school a kid said, ” Yo! you’re grandma is coming.” So of course I make a turn and see G-son with his coat off, and his $20 Fitti. I tell him to get his stuff on. He was about to fight his “friend” T. There were a bout 5 boys and they were giving my grandson the evil eyes as they passed us. I will be calling T’s mom. I met with several of his teachers and it turns out that T is the class bully. He started school new just like my g-son. Now he’s running things. T has been suspended, in school but out of his regular class. The teachers were talking they didn’t mention him by name but it was obvious. They said the class has been peaceful since he’s been gone. I know it was T they were talking about. During the parent teacher meeting two of the teachers made eye contact when I mentioned G-son and T being close.

T is over mature for his age and knows how to play the I’m a good kid role in front of adults. I knew something wasn’t right. But couldn’t put my finger on it.

Any way the teacher I spoke with today is going to look out for g-son, she even gave me her cellphone number. She wants him to get in the after school program and she will teach him the piano. The principal is in charge of this and said it is contingent if G-son does well with his class work.

I ‘m going back to the school to meet G-son and walk him home. We have an appointment this afternoon for this pending custody mess. I feel kind of good about it today. But we won’t know what’s going to happen until Monday.

G-son is nervous and afraid.  After his bath he was laying in bed and I sat at the foot and we talked about when he was a baby and all the things he didn’t remember.  Trying to put his mind at ease. My note this morning is personal and encouraging. Reassuring that he will be okay. So we’ll go to our meeting and out for dinner. I bet you can’t guess? Yea Micky D’s.

The next real post probably won’t be posted until Friday.  G-son and I have about Christmas cards to make for the teacher and staff in school. I will try to keep up as much as I can.

Still need prayers. Thanks to those who have been praying, supporting and following Just Peanut Butter n Jelly.