by silentlyheardonce

smilingG-son has gotten into the habit of calling me Gramps or sir lately. He does this when I discipline him. Sometimes he corrects himself when he says Gramps and calls me Grams. When he wants something I’m Gramma again.

The cloud still lingers over our heads but I am trying to keep him in a cheerful mood. We went to the library Saturday. He got his new library card and had to use it of course. He played  an hour on the computer.  After we had McDonald’s he had a six piece chicken McNugget Happy meal with a vanilla shake. I had a Big Mac meal with a Carmel mocha coffee. INFLATION!!!! $14 and change. However he was happy and that’s what matters.

He already lost 2 hats, 2 pairs of gloves and a coat and winter didn’t even start yet. His auntie brought him a new coat. After Micky D’s we went hat and glove shopping. He wanted a Fitti! Spelling? (A baseball cap with a team logo) He must have tried on every hat in the store. He ended up getting a grey Brooklyn Net’s cap and some electric blue gloves which both matches his coat. When it gets cold I have some skull caps he can wear and lose.

Sunday was spent with his cousins at his aunties house. This morning he was sick. Oh Boy here we go again! I won’t tell you what change his mind because if he reads this he will say I embarrassed him. But he is in school on this beautiful rainy morning. So the week begins.