Franks and Beans Changes Plan

by silentlyheardonce


G-son and I have been going through a little stress. I’m handling as best as I can to keep a strong front for my little man. So far he’s doing well.

The weekend didn’t start or end with dad. Dad was supposed to be here at 5 p.m. to pick him up. Little man’s friend T was here, he forgot his key in school and couldn’t get in his house.

I told dad he should come to the house and meet his son’s friend. His response was, ‘I’m not his friend’s father, I don’t care about no little kid.’ Around 5:20 p.m. I called to see if he was still coming. He said, ‘I thought he was with his friend so I was letting him have his fun.’

I told him his friend has nothing to do with little man going with him. So he says he was on his way. My girlfriend put on some beans and Franks. They were just getting ready to eat when dad shows up.  I tell him to come to the house the boys are just sitting down to eat. He said, “I don’t have time to socialize with you.” I said some very un-nice choice words. Why would I want to socialize with a man I look at as a child.

Last night, Wednesday while we were discussing our current family events, dad says he didn’t say the above statement like that. Ha! I heard what I heard.

Any way little man and T ran down and told dad little man wasn’t going to go with him. He ended up spending the night at T’s that gave me the break I needed. They came back the next day about 1 p.m. then went back to T’s around 8 p.m. to spend the night Saturday too. T’s mom works at night and has a lot of overtime for Christmas. She asked if T could spend the night Sunday and leave for school from here.

I didn’t give them lunch Monday because little man says someone has been taking his lunches.  I wrote a note Tuesday for him and he got it when he came home.


This note is perfect for me, him and his mom since things are pretty difficult right now. Anger is filling all of us. I have to release and relax.

Wednesday and today I gave g-son notes  they are encouraging, full of my undying love for him. They are personal and I won’t share. I will share the photo I  drew on his card this morning. I hope it makes him smile. I’m asking for everyone that reads this to pray for g-son and my family. Thanks.