Reason to cheer.

by silentlyheardonce


Reason to cheer.

These are the stick people I drew on the back of the card I game g-son this morning.

These are the stick people I drew on the back of the card I game g-son this morning.


Yesterday did not pass without its challenges. First g-son arrived home at almost 4 p.m. He had extended day. Extended day is where receives help where he is deficient. That would be in math. They lets out at 3:05.

I asked g-son to pull the garbage can into the yard and he complained that he had to do everything. So I put on my coat and in my flip flops with no socks went out in the cold to pull the garbage in the yard. He better not ask me for anything.

When I got back in I asked, “Why are you late?”

He says, “We were playing football.”

“Didn’t I tell you to come straight home?. I was so proud of you yesterday.”

“Oh, you wanted me to act like that all the time?” Then he says, “I’ll tell you the truth. I didn’t go to extended day.”

“Why and what were you doing from 2:20 to 4 o’clock?” I demanded.

“Some boy took my coat and threw it on top of the fence.”

“How did you get your coat back?”

“T climbed up to get it for me.”

The story sounded so fishy, so he offers a better one.

“Okay, really Gramma I was throwing my coat up and I throw it too high and it got on the fence.”

“Why didn’t you have your coat on? It’s 40’ something degrees out there?”, fence

“I don’t know?

He changes his uniform and comes down whining, “I’m hungry.”

“Why? I gave you lunch.”

“Because Mrs. B,” she’s the same teacher who he accused of hitting him and eating his lunch before. “Made us go back to class as soon as we got to the lunch room. It’s the truth I can prove it.”

He goes in his book back and brings out a soggy sandwich. “So can I have something to eat?”

“Yea eat your sandwich.”

“It’s wet.”

“We can’t afford to waste food”

“But Gramma look at it.”

It was really gross looking so I said, “okay eat the fruit cup.” I also let him drink a Dananimal.

There goes my he better not ask for anything plan.

After he finishes his snack he say, “ Okay this is the really, real truth. Some kid in the fifth grade wanted to fight me.”

“What’s the kids name? I don’t know he’s in the fifth grade.”

“Okay so I have to come back to the school.”

“No I can handle it. What about Mrs. B.”

“It’s okay, I’ll be alright.”

Never a dull moment with this kid. He did his homework and was finished early. But his fresh mouth he talked back to me and he wasn’t allowed any TV time. He took his shower and I had to send him back in to use soap and wash the upper part of his body. His fresh mouth this time earned him losing his ‘Bey Blades’. He threatened to stay up all night if I didn’t give them back. I told him it was okay but when I tell him to go to bed he better get in it and not get out. He started fussing, complaining and whining none of which paid attention to. Finally I said all you have to do is say you’re sorry. So under his breath he grumbles, “sorry.”

“When you say it like you mean it.”

He get up sits next to me and says, “I’m sorry Gramma.”

“Okay,” I say.

“So can I have them back?”

“It depends on how you behave tonight and how quickly you get ready in the morning.”

“Okay can I watch TV.”

This morning he got dressed quickly, brushed his teeth and washed his face. I gave back his Bey Blades and told him I will take them away and he wouldn’t get them back for a long time if he gets fresh again. He left quickly for school, however he was hesitant he didn’t go to meet T.

I think I might go and meet him after school today.