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Month: October, 2012

The Weekend’s Here

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post here. I was out all day. Then last night I took little man to check out a dance class. He is crazy about the movie, “Stomp the Yard”. He wants to stomp with all the spinning and flipping. I found a school that offer’s step classes. We walked to the studio which was several blocks. When we get there, little man sees nothing but girls. Lots and lots of girls. Not one man or boy in the whole place. He audit the stepping class but being the only boy intimidated him. He’s still thinking about it.


Your Stuff

I made a breakfast treat. Bacon, eggs and cheese on an English muffin. He wanted it wrapped up to go. All the kids eat store brought or homemade sandwiches to eat as they walk. It’s not PB&J today. It’s turkey, cheese and lettuces. Nice peaceful morning and he leaves with no problem. Yes! Gramma time!! I walk back to the kitchen and what’s on the counter? Yep his lunch . Damn, blame it on the lupus fog. I got to get dress and get to the school. Wait let me look out the door and see if his friend who is always late passes by. I go to the door and look up and down the street. I don’t have my glasses on so I don’t see too well but there are some kids on the corner. Is that my little man in the crowd of little boys. On my way back to lock the door before I can walk up the street in my pj’s. Before I get to the door walking back to the house is little man. Just another day in the life of Gramma and little man.

What Talent!

What talent ! Or maybe I’m bias.


I made my little man another triple-decker P B & J. There weren’t any problems today.

We had some excitement in the neighborhood yesterday. A cop was killed and the killer was hiding somewhere in our area. When I left home to go pick up g-son there were police cars all over and they were saddling up horses. I walked to the school and it was shut down. Which means no one is allowed out or in. The classes were dismissed about thirty minutes later. When I returned home with my grandson the only police we saw were in plain clothes driving unmarked cars. About forty-five minutes after we got in the house the police returned. I guess they didn’t want to scare the kids.

We were looking out the window when my grandson says, “Gramma, that’s the girl who took my lunch.” So I go out, call the girl and question her about taking little man’s lunch. The girl was very respectful and said she walks her cousin and all his friends to school almost everyday. She said, little man threw his book bag down while he was playing. The young lady retrieved his bag and handed it to g-son. His bag was open so she told him to close it. She assured me she wouldn’t take his lunch. Being the person I am I accept her story. I Thanked her for looking out for my baby. Then I told my grandson, it’s okay, we fed someone who was hungry. My girlfriend says, get out of here. Well she didn’t use such nice words. she says, the kids get free breakfast and lunch in school. I told her if that kid went to bed hungry a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and sloppy Joe at lunch isn’t going to satisfy his hunger. I know how it feels to go to bed hungry.

The Sound of Silence

Each morning I walk my grandson to the door. I watched him walk across the street then watch as he walks across the major intersection. I watch him until he get almost to the block the school is on. This morning some kids were on our side of the street. He ran back across over to met them. So I figure he’s with friends and will go straight to school. I closed the door and came to the computer to share my lunch box note. I made a special lunch for him today it was a triple-decker peanut butter with blueberry jam on one slice of raisin bread and strawberry jam on the other. He won’t get to taste it. No sooner than turning on FB and reading some of my friend’s status there was a knock on the door. Someone stole my grandson’s lunch. I walked to with him to school and told the assistant principal. The thing is the kids were in either JHS or HS. They were the cousin or sister of one of his classmate.

For his safety grandmother will be walking him to and from school.

New Week

Yes A Working Farm in Queens, NY

I took the grandson and and his friend to the last working farm in Queens, NY. Click Here to see phots’s

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